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Non Slip for Bathtubs & Showers


Bathtub worn, chipped or graying?

Give your bathtub a makeover with Tub Guard®! Easy to use Tub Guard® has been used in thousands of hotels across the US to brighten bathtub bottoms. At a fraction of the cost of bathtub refinishing, this non skid coating solves both appearance and safety issues!

Tub Guard® comes in Clear and White. Clear can be used on surfaces that are in good condition. White can be used to cover worn surfaces. Two ounce bottles contain enough Tub Guard® to cover a standard bathtub or shower, plus a second coat if desired. The clear appears milky but dries clear. Do not use bleaches, abrasives or scrubbers once applied. See our HOW TO videos on YouTube under Innovative Tub Solutions® .