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Non Slip for Hotel Bathtubs & Showers


Non Slip for Hotel Bathtubs & Showers

Ready to handle maintaining your bathtubs in house?  Let’s face it, coatings will wear over time. Guests and cleaning are hard on non skid, potentially leaving you with tubs not looking their best.  Hair dye? Heavy cooler scratches in the tub bottom? Housekeeping using Magic Erasers? Whatever the case may be, bringing this maintenance task in house will keep your tubs passing inspections and impressing your guests.

  1. Service as needed – when occupancy allows
  2. No need to interrupt daily room inventory with block of rooms being serviced
  3. Budget friendly
  4. Fast, easy application with instructions
  5. Product quantities available:  8 oz (4 tub), 16 oz (8 tubs), and 1 gallon size (60 tubs)
  6. Choose from clear, bright white, or custom color match option (for past hotel customers only)

Clear – For use on porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, refinished tubs and tile.
Matte White –  For use on porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, refinished tubs and tile.
Glossy White – For use on porcelain and cast iron tubs.

Non Slip for Bathtubs & Showers


Bathtub worn, chipped or graying?

Give your bathtub a makeover with Tub Guard®! Easy to use Tub Guard® has been used in thousands of hotels across the US to brighten bathtub bottoms. At a fraction of the cost of bathtub refinishing, this non skid coating solves both appearance and safety issues!

Tub Guard® comes in Clear and White. Clear can be used on surfaces that are in good condition. White can be used to cover worn surfaces. Two ounce bottles contain enough Tub Guard® to cover a standard bathtub or shower, plus a second coat if desired. The clear appears milky but dries clear. Do not use bleaches, abrasives or scrubbers once applied. See our HOW TO videos on YouTube under Innovative Tub Solutions® .

Transparent Treatment


Transparent Treatment

Transparent Treatment is an innovative solution to slippery bathtubs. For use on porcelain, tile, and other hard surfaces, the liquid application adds slip resistance via invisible tread and traction to your bathtub or shower. If you don’t want to change the appearance of the surface, but want to prevent slips and falls, this product is for you.

Transparent Treatment is not a coating, but a scientific chemical treatment that alters the composition of the surface without affecting it aesthetically. Unlike our non-slip coatings, this liquid treatment does not leave any residue or coating behind – just the original surface, only safer! Used in major hotel brands nationwide, this treatment is fast, easy, eco friendly and economical.

Coverage area up to 15 square feet, enough for 1 bathtub or shower.


  • Fast, easy application in minutes
  • Non-toxic, no fumes
  • Eco friendly
  • For use on Porcelain, Ceramic Tile, Marble and more!