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Non Slip for Hotel Bathtubs & Showers


Non Slip for Hotel Bathtubs & Showers

Ready to handle maintaining your bathtubs in house?  Let’s face it, coatings will wear over time. Guests and cleaning are hard on non skid, potentially leaving you with tubs not looking their best.  Hair dye? Heavy cooler scratches in the tub bottom? Housekeeping using Magic Erasers? Whatever the case may be, bringing this maintenance task in house will keep your tubs passing inspections and impressing your guests.

  1. Service as needed – when occupancy allows
  2. No need to interrupt daily room inventory with block of rooms being serviced
  3. Budget friendly
  4. Fast, easy application with instructions
  5. Product quantities available:  8 oz (4 tub), 16 oz (8 tubs), and 1 gallon size (60 tubs)
  6. Choose from clear, bright white, or custom color match option (for past hotel customers only)

Clear – For use on porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, refinished tubs and tile.
Matte White –  For use on porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, refinished tubs and tile.
Glossy White – For use on porcelain and cast iron tubs.

What We Do

Innovative Tub Solutions® is the nation’s only bathtub non slip coating with a 5 hour dry time. We use non-toxic water-based products when resurfacing tubs and showers, transforming them to like-new condition without disrupting guests’ comfort, hotel operations or your revenue.
No matter what your bathtub refinishing issues are, we can help you find the right solution for your situation and prepare for future maintenance. Contact us to discuss your project!


When your tubs are dull and worn inside and out, and non skid on the bottom just won’t cut it, it might be time to refinish. Amazing technology dries to the touch in hours. Cure time is 24 hours.

Multiple Surfaces

Bathtubs, Surrounds, Countertops, Sinks, Tile, Faux finishes available.

Ask about our low VOC and no VOC products. A key factor in keeping odor and toxic fumes out of your guests’ path!

Non Skid Bottom Coating

Dries in 5 hours
Sell rooms same day
No lost revenue
Virtually odor free
28 tubs per day

Even More Benefits

Environmentally friendly (Less than 200 VOCs)
Matte or glossy finish
Custom color matched
Clear non skid (ideal for showers)
28 tubs per day serviced

Kits and Supplies

Our kits are easy to apply, fast drying, with no odor which means you’ll be showering on a new tub bottom in no time!
From Commercial to Residential, we have you covered.

Commercial and Residential

Corporate customers like hotels, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers nationwide rely on Innovative Tub Solutions® for their tub maintenance needs.

What Our Customers Say

What Are Your Needs?

Need to update your bathtubs or the entire bathroom?

Interested in bathtub maintenance every 4-6 years by simply applying a new non skid coating in the bottom of the bathtub to cover worn, dull tubs? Or are you in a full scale renovation where you need full commercial bath refinishing? Perhaps you’d like to update your bathroom even more by reviving the surrounds, sinks, grout, and caulk. We can meet your every need. Resurfacing tubs and showers will add value to your guests’ experience and satisfaction. Refurbishing the entire bathroom will save you thousands over removing and replacing new bathtub, surrounds, and sinks.

Why We Are Best In Class

Top quality for a great price.

The combination of our unique formulation and expert application ensure zero down time for your most valuable asset.

Transforming Bathtubs

Innovative Tub Solutions® strives to create long lasting relationships with our customers by providing state of the art eco friendly products and consistently delivering unparalleled customer service.

Our goal is to help our customers resolve their tub refinishing issues
with speed, precision and minimal disruption to hotel operations,
leaving their guests and staff with an outstanding impression.

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Water based coatings

Easier/less costly removal

No harsh chemicals

timepiece icon - short dry time


Same day use

No lost revenue

service fan icon - odor free


No disturbance to guests

No toxic fumes

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Revenue Friendly Coatings

What if you could maintain your bathtubs while decreasing your impact on the environment? What if, at the same time, you didn’t have to put rooms out of order to do it? Does saving money while helping the environment sound appealing to you? We transform commercial bathtubs with the future in mind.

We believe transparency is the best policy


Provide a quality product at a fair price; value quality over quantity.


Advise if our product is the right fit for your tubs and why.


Live by the Golden Rule; respect our employees and our customers.


Give our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee, no excuses.


Remain environmentally friendly in our work processes & products.

A True Devotion to Our Customers

Serving commercial hotels, management companies, and design firms nationwide, Innovative Tub Solutions® has long standing bonds in the hotel industry.

Approved by
Hilton Supply Management and Hilton Supplier’s Corner.

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Janis Stevens, CEO, of Innovative Tub Solutions® , joins her NAWBO sisters for a day of lobbying on behalf of small woman owned businesses at the Capital in Sacramento CA. The annual NAWBO Propel Conference is held each year in Sacramento, providing a venue for hundreds of women business…

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